Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Current Top 3 of 2006.

By theatrical release...

01. The Road to Guantanamo B+
02. Inside Man B
03. V for Vendetta (2005) C-



1. Inside Man 7.5
2. V for Vendetta 4

Emma said...

Indeed, Inside Man was very entertaining, V for Vendetta quite crappy.

Anonymous said...

Were the films any good?

Emma said...

Um.. I posted grades, didn't I?

B+ is very good by my standards... possible top 250 material.

C means... meh.

And so on. Only one film gets an A*.


I absolutely loathed V for Vendetta. Absolutely idiotic movie, completely pedestrian directions, not to mention the real appeal of portraying a dystopian society was almost nonexistent, since there was nothing to distinguish the dystopian society from real society, since everything's relatively the same. Natalie Portman is of the working class, but she works as a office assistant with good clothes? If I was Orwell, I'd be tearing out my hair. And Natalie's getting on my nerves as well.

On the other hand, Inside Man, bad trailer, entertaining cat-and-mouse movie with lots of clever plot twists, wisecrack dialogue; just an overall amusing movie to watch very reminiscent of old 40s/50s heist movies. I can say that I definitely like Washington now; he can do the "cool" or "wisecrack" role with no problem. I just don't like him in movies like "the hurricane." I also like Owen too.