Monday, March 06, 2006

Why Crash stealing from Brokeback Mountain stings so much.

10. Without Best Picture, Brokeback Mountain has won a meagre 3 Oscars. So did Crash, Memoirs of a Geisha and King Kong. The masterful Brokeback Mountain deserves much better than to be compared to those “films.”

09. The blood, sweat and tears poured into Brokeback Mountain was evident. To make Crash, you just needed a racist person, a car, and a couple of uses of the f-word.

08. If they were too conservative to award Brokeback Mountain, could they not have awarded the almost as impressive Capote? Oh wait, that’s about a homosexual too.

07. Despite all the hype about the “ensemble cast” of Crash, only the ever-excellent Don Cheadle truly shone. Brokeback Mountain featured amazing turns from Ledger, Gyllenhaal and Williams.

06. Brokeback Mountain, an elegiac, haunting, love song, lingers in the mind for a long time after the credits roll. After I saw Crash, I forgot about it immediately.

05. The morals. Brokeback, whilst heartbreaking, is essentially a tribute to love, and promotes it. Crash teaches us that everyone is a little bit racist. I did not need to give 2 hours of my life to learn that.

04. Whilst racial prejudice is every bit as important (if not more so) than sexuality, the delivery of Crash was just so achingly manipulative and obvious that my brain ached. The girl running into the road was the biggest sign of this; you could practically hear Haggis yelling “Cry! Cry!” in your ear as it happened. All this invoked feelings of utmost guilt in White Academy voters, as expected.

03. With the BAFTA, Golden Globe and an entire stream pre-cursor awards under Brokeback’s belt, I’d (rather smugly) taken it for granted that it would go on to win the Oscar. I honestly had thought it unstoppable.

02. Roger Ebert. Ever heard of the phrase self-fulfilling prophecy? He’d predicted that Crash would win, and, just to show how amazing he was, set out to make it happen. Without this idiot’s endless lobbying, Crash wouldn’t have had half as much publicity.

01. Brokeback Mountain is just an infinitely better film. An understated, nuanced masterpiece channelling real human emotion, Brokeback stands strong against Crash, a didactic, judgemental guilt trip of a movie.

You got any others?


Justin said...

AMEN! I mean, I thought Crash was a decent movie...but Brokeback is a milestone that should NOT be compared to memoirs or kong!

Anonymous said...

If the AMPAS are homophobic, why would they have given Best Actor to Hoffman? How about in history with Philadelphia and Midnight Cowboy racking up awards?

Anonymous said...

I've yet to see Brokeback Mountain, but Crash was one of the worst films released in the last two years by far. Manipulative and contrived crap.

Emma said...

Totally agree.

DL said...

Philadelphia, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Midnight Cowboy won Oscars and Brokeback didn't because Brokeback Mountain portrays homosexuality in a VERY POSITIVE way...almost promoting it. The Academy is Homophobic. With a capital H.

P.S. I'm sure Oprah converted some of AMPAS' female members towards Crash. Her proclamation of "Every household in America should own a copy of Crash," pissed me right off, because a) it's not remotely correct, and b) You know that the majority of her viewers are just going to agree with her, no matter what.

I'm still very angry about this whole incident now, 4 months later.

Worst Oscar travesty ever.

Emma said...

Ditto. Just. Ditto.

Anonymous said...

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Brian Erickson said...

I know I'm a year late, but I just have to comment about this. I'm probably the only gay guy on the face of the planet who hasn't seen BBM. I want to SOO much, but there's always something stopping me. And as for the Crash comment.

Anonymous said...

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