Thursday, March 09, 2006

Top 10 Unconventional Cuties

Unconventional. As in “not usually considered fine by others, but will get a special mention from me.” There may be a quality to these selected actors that makes me notice them, it may be just the essence of the characters that they play, or it just may that they’re so damn talented. But if the list below angers you, remember:

Unconventional – not confirming to accepted rules or standards. So Jake is out. Hayden is out. Ethan, Gael and Jude are out. After all, can you find me a girl’s magazine that doesn’t constantly push their point about how fine these men are? However, if it’s well known hotties you want, don’t despair – there will be an upcoming post on esteemed cuties, and I won’t stinge on the pictures, either.

So, without further ado:

10. Zach Braff (Actor, “Scrubs”)
Exudes a sort of geeky adorability.

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09. Philip Seymour Hoffman (Actor, Magnolia)
So talented, you want to hug him.

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08. Adrien Brody (Actor, King Kong)
There’s an alluring beauty in his pallid coldness.

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07. Cillian Murphy (Actor, Girl with a Pearl Earring)
So fine, he needs to make more movies.

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06. David Tennant (Actor, “Doctor Who”)
Cheeky and cute, with a lovely smile.

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05. Tim Robbins (Actor, The Shawshank Redemption)
His Andy lights up my day.

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04. Domonic Monaghan (Actor, "Lost")
His sweet Charlie Pace redeems the fact that he was in Lord of the Rings. And we all know that’s saying something.

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03.Clifton Collins Jr (Actor, Capote)
Lovable, naïve, sensitive, and tender… it’s not just Truman Capote who fell for this dude.

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02. Peter Sarsgaard (Actor, Shattered Glass)
Occasionally ugly, but always in an attractive way, he somehow reminds me of an older, more worn Jake. Which isn’t immediately bad. Maggie is lucky.

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01. Bennett Miller (Director, Capote)
I almost wanted him to win the Oscar just so that I could get a better look at him. He really is that fine.

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And that's that. Post yours!


Caz said...

Nice list! I especially love Zach Braff! He'd be my #1 of Unconventional Cuties! But I do disagrre with two of yours.. I always thought Adrien Brody and Cillian Murphy were quite popular, especially Cillian!

But I love that you have Sarsagaard there and Seymour Hoffman, they are so cute!

I don't know what my whole list would be but they'd include Dustin Hoffman, David Strathairn, Owen Wilson, John Cusack! and others if I ever thought of them!

jay said...

Yeah, I always knew you thought Phil was a cutie. Anyway, my list... helped along by Caz... this was SO hard! 12:

12 / Hilary Swank

11 / Catherine Keener

10 / Emily Watson

09 / Laura Linney

08 / Renée Zellweger

07 / Alma Del Mar

06 / Kate Winslet

05 / Sarah Chalke (that's Scrubs' Elliot)

04 / Juliette Binoche (not sure she qualifies as unconventional, but it'll have to do)

03 / Christina Ricci (same as above)

02 / Audrey Tautou

01 / Reiko Aylesworth (24's Michelle Dessler; that she's fantastic and excessively cool in the best show on Earth helps, but I always thought she looked great)

FREAK said...

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FREAK said...

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Anonymous said...

They're all ugly.

James said...

Bennett Miller number one? Even more than Sarsgaard? That's some achievement for some unknown movie director.

Emma said...

OK, Bennett is not unknown. And why do you think I like Peter Sarsgaard so much?! He's only like 6th on my fine list.

And Bennett is not unknown.

james said...

He was unknown to me until you started going on about him a week ago. *tips head* I kind of see it. Better than Hoffman, obviously

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I would add benicio del toro. gorgeous & sexy, but in a conventional prety boy way.

Anonymous said...

*benicio del toro= hot, but 'not' in a conventional pretty boy sense.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to add the young Malcolm Mcdowell to that list... <3