Sunday, March 05, 2006

How I'll be leading up to the new Oscars...

For each upcoming winner, I'll watch a film of theirs:

For Ang:

(Last remembered rating - 8/10. Jane Austen is one of my favourite writers and Lee brings some filmic beauty to this exquisite adaptation.)

For Philip:
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(Last remembered rating - 4/10, but it's amusing, OK? The basketball game is almost as hilarious as the one in Keeping the Faith.)

For Reese:

ND. We were going to see Cruel Intentions or Election, but I wanna see Legally Blonde!


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(Last rememebered rating: 8/10.) The verbal interplay between the Gyllenhaal siblings at the dinner table is quite hilarious.

And for Rachel:

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(Last remembered rating: 8/10)

Or, we could just blow all that off, and go to the cinema to see Brokeback, Capote, Walk the Line and then catch The Constant Gardener on pirated DVD.

We'll see.


ed said...

Along Came Polly? An Oscar, and that's all you have to show for it, Along Came Polly? I beg of you, watch Magnolia!

nats said...

What was the role of Hoffman's character in 25th Hour to the plot? I mean, what was his & Anna Paquin's sub-plot meant to add to the gist of the movie? I get the political allegory of it overall, but the point of his character left me stumped.

That said, it was a good movie, and Seymour Hoffman's 2nd best performance, after the all-conquering Capote.

Emma said...

Both posts about Mr. Hoffman!

Re Along Came Polly: Oh, come on. I can't watch classy films all the time! Along Came Polly was funny!

Re 25th Hour: I don't know. All I remember about that film was the pseudo-Fight Club scene where Norton swears at himself, and Phil making out with Anna for some reason. Anyone else know the answer to this deep question?

Jay said...

On 25th Hour, the political allegory is exactly what's wrong with the film. As for the "subplot" with Phil's character, that he succumbs to his growing infatuation with his teenage student (which is something that would have never happened under different circumstances) adds yet another layer of meaning to the vaguely apocalyptic feel that runs throughout the film... you know, Ed's going to jail, they'll never be together again, so he acts like he's got nothing to lose, like the world's going to end. And of course, his "the hell with it" actions are all the more nauseating for presenting a striking contrast with Ed's quest for redemption.

Either way, the film's focus wasn't merely on Ed's character, but in how his arrest will affect his family and friends, so the whole Paquin/Phil thing is not exactly a subplot, but a central and vital part of the storyline. Oh wow, I love this film! The girl with the yellow shirt should see it again.

Emma said...

Re jay: Bleh.

James said...

Stupid question, but what was up with the silent film in Talk to Her?

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