Tuesday, March 14, 2006

DVDs out this week.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Mike Newell's take on the forth book of the series introduces a beautiful and compelling visual streak, as well as some more Gen X style, but the dialogue and acting are completely infuriating. Some moments are unintentionally hilarious. I'd like to slap Radcliffe and Watson for their awful performances. C+

The Constant Gardener - Mierelles' adapation of John Le Carré's novel stays quite true to the book, as well as adding in quick camerawork and an appropriate score. The performances from the leads are convincing, and the denouement sad. Parts drag on a little, but overal, this is a worthwhile experience. B

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Well-written, witty black comedy (as well as some various other genres), with some great comedic turns from Downey Jr and Kilmer. Immensely enjoyable, if a little slight. B

In Her Shoes - Underrated little chick flick, a very good adaptation of a dull chicklit. Sibling rivalry might seem like a dull topic to make a film about, especially with the overgenerous running time of 130 minutes, but when you add in some of the best performances of the year (Collette, Diaz and MacLaine shine), as well as a smart script and Curtis Hanson's reliable direction, you have an agreeable moviegoing experience, with some morals at the end. B+


Jay said...

See what I mean? Like, you always have something to say against Ms Watson and Mr Radcliffe, and yet... nothing on Mr Grint!

I only saw "The Constant Gardener" which I felt was one of the best films of the year. Not without its flaws, of course; the scene where they read that letter at the funeral, for example, was a little too obvious and flat for my taste. The film exudes creativity at first, but its sublimity disappears by the time Rachel's character is wiped out of the picture. A- here. Maybe B+.

And I downloaded Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but still haven't seen it...

emily t said...

I've seen 3/4 movies here - The Constant Gardener, Harry Potter and In Her Shoes. I really liked The Constant Gardener, the last scene really made me sad.

karen said...

you do realise that emma is the best of the three? right?

Emma said...

Emma? The best of the three? GAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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